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Westway Health Technology

Westway Health is focused on the development and commercialization of the novel antimicrobial LARS technology, developed in NUI, Galway. This technology is based upon the naturally occurring lactoperoxidase system and has applications in many fields:

  • Human health – treatment of bacterial infections in a range of situations from wound care through to use as a nasal sinus rinse
  • Environmental – use as a surface disinfectant in a range of settings, from sterilising hospital wards to cleaning industrial food lines
  • Veterinary health – treatment of a range of veterinary bacterial infections in both agricultural and companion animal settings

Based on its natural formulation and effectiveness in tests to date, this has the potential to be a truly disruptive technology in the area of mastitis treatment and control, becoming a real “game changer” in this field.

The LARS technology is undergoing worldwide patent prosecution and, based on feedback to date, we are confident of a comprehensive granting to afford us wide ranging protection for the PanaMast™ range of products, but also for a host of other applications.