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Westway Health Pipeline

Westway Health is currently focusing on the development of a range of therapies for the treatment and prevention of mastitis in dairy cows.

The key products in development are:

PanaMast™ LC

A medicine for the treatment of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis in lactating cows.

PanaMast™ LC is based on a naturally occurring antimicrobial system. In laboratory tests it has been shown to be an extremely effective agent in killing the bacterial causative agents of mastitis, killing greater than 99.999% of organisms. It has also shown to be an extremely effective therapy in animal trials carried out to date and, in particular, has been proven to provide a cure for cows with serious infections, for which all conventional antibiotic treatments failed. As it is a natural product, we expect that it will be approved for use with a zero milk withdrawal period, meaning that farmers will be able to cure the illness and sell their milk both during, and after, treatment with PanaMast™ LC. This would be the first mastitis therapy on the market with a zero withdrawal period.

A paradigm shift in Mastitis management

Given its effectiveness coupled with the zero discard, we expect PanaMast™ LC to be used, not only to treat cows suffering from clinical mastitis, but also as a prophylactic on all cows within the herd to prevent and manage mastitis on the farm.

PanaMast™ DC

A medicine for the treatment and prevention of mastitis in dry cows

Prior to calving, a cow enters a drying off period and milking will cease. Milk production will again resume following the birth of the calf. This drying off period is seen as a crucial time in the treatment of low-level bacterial infections (sub-clinical mastitis) and effective intervention can decrease in occurence of mastitis in the following years lactation. Every year, therefore, farmers will treat all dairy cows with a drying off product. Similar to the treatment of clinical mastitis, conventional antibiotics are used at high levels to treat these infections, with similar issues of lack of efficacy and the requirement for withdrawal of milk.

PanaMast™ DC will allow the effective treatment of cows during the drying out period and, as its formulation is broadly similar to PanaMast™ LC, it is also expected that this product too will have a zero discard status.