Innovative Health Solutions.

Westway Health Founders/Management

CEO - Ruairi Friel, PhD, MBA

Ruairi is the founding CEO for Westway Health, leveraging his scientific research and business experience to lead Westway Health towards commercialisation of its innovative technologies. Prior to Westway Health, Ruairi worked in the Technology Transfer Office at NUI Galway, where he managed commercialisation of all biotechnology and pharmaceutical-related technologies developed within NUIG. He has held senior research positions in several European biotech companies. He received a 1st class honours in Biotechnology from NUIG, a PhD in Neurovirology from the University of Glasgow and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

Chairman & CSO – Prof Vincent O’Flaherty, BSc, PhD

Vincent is the Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Westway Health. Additionally, he is a Professor and Head of Microbiology at the School of Natural Sciences at NUIG. He has over 20 years experience in the area of microbial biofilm and ecology research, and is an internationally recognized research leader in the field. He has published over 250 scientific communications, including 75 papers in international, peer-reviewed journals. He has also successfully and consistently secured research funding from national and international programmes. Vincent is the lead inventor of the antimicrobial technologies underpinning Westway Health. Vincent has a 1st class honours B.Sc. and a PhD from NUIG.

Chief Commercial Officer: Mr. Brian O’Briain B.E., MBA

Brian is the Chief Commercial Officer of Westway Health. He has greater than 20 years of management experience in both the US and Europe following positions at both General Electric and Baxter Healthcare. In 1991, Brian founded Mayo Healthcare, a veterinary nutrition and healthcare company based in Westport, Co. Mayo. From a greenfield site, Brian has helped grow it into an internationally trading company. Brian is currently a non-executive director of Mayo Healthcare. Brian has a B.Eng. from University College Dublin and an MBA from Union College, New York.

Secretary and Head of New Product Development: Killian O’Briain

Killian is the secretary of Westway Health and Head of New Product Development. He has brought Mayo Healthcare from a inception company through to a recognised SME within the Animal Health sector, having developed a  specialised manufacturing process which delivers novel nutritient theraputics to food producing animals they now employ full time research graduates and veterinarians to build on their core business of Enhancing Animal Health through herd held management which is overseen by their own Veterinarians and in reducing mortality and morbidity in young animals through applications in advanced, in house developed, nutritional therapeutics. Mayo Healthcare is now one of the fastest growing Animal Health enterprises within its sector with its own Irish and UK sales force aswell as a growing European distribution network.